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J Spurlock

Co-Founder/Writer/Voice Actor

J is a Nashville native and an advocate for the city. Much of his work centers around variations on the realities that could exist within it.
J has written two plays that were produced to positive reception and is currently working on a collection of short stories.
J lives in South Nashville with his wife, Parisa, and their beloved dog, Zoë.


Lucas Hutson

Co-Founder/Writer/Voice Actor

Lucas has been writing as a hobby for several years. He has written two plays as well as several short stories and a screen play for a web series. He hopes to write a novel one day. His favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk.

Lucas is also a Realtor in Nashville. He lives in the city with his wife Sydney, daughter London June, and two English Bulldogs Eleanor Rigby and Penny Lane.


Jessica Dainty


Jessica Dainty is a native New Englander who has bounced back and forth to Tennessee over the past 30 years. Currently residing in Middle Tennessee, Jessica works as an English/Special Education teacher and a Reading Interventionist.
She received her undergraduate from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a concentration in Creative Writing. She started in poetry and took a fiction class for the simple reason that it terrified her. After her first fiction workshop, she never looked back, though her poetry roots are known to poke through on the page. She continued on to earn her MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her short stories have been published in various places, including SNReview, Scholars & Rogues, and Fiction Weekly. Her debut novel, The Shape of the Atmosphere, is forthcoming this fall from Pandamoon Publishing. She is represented by Linda Camacho of Prospect Agency.


Joshua F. Potter


If he’s not chasing his four children around the house in the evenings, there are good odds that Joshua F. Potter has his nose crammed up against either the glaring light of his laptop while he whittles away at yet another story or his phone as he devours yet another speculative fiction novel. A lifelong fan of all things science fiction, he made the somewhat dubious choice as a toddler to make the Doctor (yes, from the television show) his role model for life. As a result, he finally stumbled into a day job in medicine in his thirties after wandering through the restaurant, video game, and teaching industries and spends his days pondering the differences between a Tardis and a hospital. Happily married to a redhead straight out of a Robert Heinlein novel, he makes his home in the Northeast until the day that the inevitable pull of gravity and in-laws pull him back to the South.


Meredith Graves


Meredith Graves is a native Nashvillian. She recently completed her Masters of Education and is a school counselor at a local high school. Since all she has been writing are APA style papers for the past three years, Meredith decided to write for fun again! Meredith enjoys spending time with her fiancée and friends, and specifically enjoys beating them at fantasy football. She is excited to make contributions to the Composition Cooperative.

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Andrew Staples

Writer/Voice Actor

Andrew has fancied himself a writer since a young age, though he hasn't seriously pursued it til recently. He grew up as a home-schooled missionary kid and has spent half his life living outside the United States, which gives him a unique perspective on the world. Andrew and his wife Michele (who rescued him from his home-schooled missionary kid life) live just south of Nashville with their aloof, moody cat Hobbes (who is Canadian, btw). 

Andrew is one of the few residents of the South who experiences true joy in his heart when snow falls.

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Parisa Spurlock

Voice Actor